Civil War History Told by
Battlefield Monuments and Historical Markers

From 1861 to 1865 great armies fought in a terrible Civil War for competing visions of America. The places they clashed – Gettysburg, Antietam, The Wilderness – are written in blood in our nation’s history. Today the armies are long gone, but they left behind sentinels that guard their memory, messages carved in stone for future generations.

Stone Sentinels tours the battlefields letting the monuments and historical markers tell the story of America’s Civil War in the Eastern Theater. It is designed for both the visitor traveling to the battlefields in person and the viewer who is only visiting digitally. The story unfolds through photographs, text from the monuments and markers, maps, and background information that puts things into context. In-depth information such as biographies and unit histories are available through links to a companion site,

Great Battles
Of the eleven costliest battles in the Eastern Theater seven are currently featured on this site. The largest, Gettysburg, has over a thousand pages looking at each of the monuments and markers on the battlefield as well as farms and terrain features.

Lesser-known Fights and Other Sites
Two dozen other battles and significant locations are also featured on this site. They cover everything from skirmishes to major pitched battles that didn’t quite make it into the Great Battles category.

Battlefields by Region
View the battlefields by region to help plan your trip or understand a campaign.